Consumer Directed Services (CDS)

State-Funded Home Care Services

Consumer-directed services allow the consumer to be the employer and have the freedom to hire and direct his or her personal care attendants. Consumers are required to meet criteria based on income and level of need. We serve as a state vendor to provide administrative support services. 

  • Personal Care Attendants
    Personal Care Attendants provide assistance with activities of daily living to help maintain and increase independence. Those services include the following:

    • Dressing
    • Bowel and bladder elimination
    • Meal preparation and consumption
    • Transfers
    • Personal hygiene
    • Shopping and transportation
    • Maintenance and use of equipment and prostheses
    • Housekeeping
    • Ambulation and other functions of living
  • Administrative Services
    A+ In-Home Wellness, LLC also provides administrative services like the following:

    • Training on hiring and supervising personal care attendants
    • Payroll and billing processing
    • Background checks of personal care attendants
    • Assistance in completing necessary forms
  • Consumer Eligibility Criteria
    • Eligible to receive consumer directed services
    • At least 18 years of age 
    • Able to direct their own care
    • Capable of living independently with CDS
    • Physically disabled
    • Requires at least a nursing level of care
    • Unmet needs must be safely met at a cost that shall not exceed the average monthly Medicaid cost of nursing facility care as determined by the Department of Social Services
    • Document proof of Medicaid eligibility under Title XIX of the Social Security Act
    • Participate in an assessment and/or evaluation conducted by DHSS

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